We’ve been there, stressed out with no time and trying to help three kids learn to make good choices. We’ve been on boards, served in churches and helped to grind the non-profit gears in so many places. We have a deep empathy for the weary people of the world. Our heart beats for a return to renewal. We desire to see every guest lightened as they experience our heartfelt welcome. We desire to see the lives of our employees cared for, and we seek to the beauty of this community both aesthetically and relationally.

We exist to inspire return through the ideal of home.


What We Value Most

The Heart: Care for people at the deepest level.

Detail: Small things speak the loudest.

Beauty: Create things that inspire.

Intention: Being focused on living what we believe.

Community: Cultivate the people with whom we live.

Your Hosts

Dawsie and Michael Meek

The Gathering Guesthouses Fredericksburg Texas-8223.jpg

Both originating in South Texas and married for 25+ years, Michael and Dawsie have a long history of ministry work in churches and other non-profits. When looking for a place to house friends and family when visiting, they decided to turn their backyard cottage into a small guest room. People loved it, and the idea grew into four additional structures, all inspired by Dawsie’s warm and inviting designs. “We wanted to create spaces that constantly invited you to sit and rest,” says Dawsie, “I want to create this ideal of home, a place people want to return to, something that feels like it’s your very own.”

Michael loves to talk with guests and his favorite pastime is landscaping. “I like the satisfaction of being on the properties, taking time to look at everything, and then seeing it transformed by my work.” He and Dawsie are visionaries together, always looking at ways to introduce the local experience, which is contrary to the typical tourist hype.

Dawsie designs and decorates each guest home. Her process is founded in a desire to spend time with each property to discover a special vision for decor that replenishes the soul of the guests who will stay there. Each place is curated to every detail and every shade of paint is painstainkinkly tested. She's a self-described perfectionist and every space reflects that attention.

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She’s been a long time friend, 15 years in fact, and originates from upstate New York. Her heart is always to make people feel valued and welcome, “That’s one of the things I care most about in this work.” When you book, or have a question, Brenda will be the one coordinating it. She has a profoundly good memory and loves to greet people by name. She handles so much of the technical day-to-day so beautifully, and with an overdose of joy and camaraderie.



Laura cleans and prepares your room for you.


Kelly maintains our landscapes.


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On Cleanliness

We believe that great hospitality is a practice in offering the best that you have. We would rather take a longer time to clean our units deeply and thoroughly, than just flip a unit for profit. These are structures we care about, and the aesthetic touches are important to us, we want to preserve them. One thing we know about our guests is that they are people who have seen the highest levels of service in lodging. We are intentional about matching or superceding these high standards with every detail.

We invite you to join in by taking your trash to the trashcan and stripping the bed of your sheet set and and any pillows you have used. If not, we are glad to take care of this for you.

The Porch Light Standard

What to expect from every one of our properties now, and in the future.

Take a look at three of our core values: Beauty, Intention and Detail. Our heart beats directly into the spaces we design, build, furnish and share. From soft sheets to couches designed for human beings (not just the photo) we want everything to feel comfortable and intentional. We spend a lot of time on the details, trying to add those touches that make each unit deserving of the description “Guesthouse”. We work hard to maintain beauty all around. From the exterior to the interior, from the patio to the surrounding trees and fields. We want every space to be wrapped in aesthetic intentionality. Finally, the best friend to comfort is always fun! Sumptuous bathrooms with jacuzzi’s and patio hot tubs are favorite activities and definitive necessities to rest. Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet while feeling completely private.

Our heart is to create a home-like space for anyone who is ready to have a place to return to, again and again, in the Texas Hill Country. Our spaces are ready to greet you and welcome you back!