Restful Fields & Fruitful Vines

Step from the porch and into the expansive Hill Country landscape. The large field surrounding these guest homes is part of the historical homestead, farmland which produced grain and veggies until the early 2000s. The main residence has watched the sun set for over 100 years, and we invite you to join the tradition. Today, neighboring vineyards are bringing a new flood of agricultural activity. With Hilmy Cellars next door and dozens more within a 5 minute drive, the Behrends Family Homestead is ideal for some time in the open country and…

Perfect for Wine Lovers!

The Cora.png

The Cora

Named for one of the Behrends family matriarchs, the Cora was the former farm granary. Today it’s a study in whitewashed design and serves as a resting place for couples needing a “breather” or space to rest. The rear yard opens entirely to a working field, the perfect backdrop in which to share a glass of wine grown just down the road. Let a slower pace and natural beauty refresh you, the land is always a wonderful place to return from.

Elegant design, perfect for a couple needing some “away time” and close enough to walk to a working vineyard.

The Judy.png

The Judy

Rocking chairs have held their esteemed place on a front porch for as long as the Homestead has been around. Join the tradition and take a moment just to sit, be, observe and rest. Formerly a vegetable stand, The Judy has seen thousands of guests over the decades, but only for a moment or two. Now, with The Melvin sharing a wall, we invite guests to sit and rest for much longer stay, enjoying each other and the fruitfulness of the surrounding vineyards.

Room for a couple with the option to rent neighboring unit “The Melvin” to bring a friend.

The Melvin.png

The Melvin

The Melvin is connected with The Judy, sharing a wall and built as a duplex. This guest home shares the same lineage as a vegetable stand, but still maintains its energetic past as a place from which to springboard into the the local wine scene and agriculture. Perfectly suited for a couple that loves eating out, enjoy a long after-dinner glass of wine in the private landscaping out back and plan the next day’s hot spots!

A couple’s pit-stop for a vigorous wine-tasting weekend!



Bring Everyone.

For family reunions, a siblings gathering, family vacation or that group of friends that has known each-other for 40 years, we’d love to host you. Please contact us if you are interested in booking an entire property.



A historical Place

The story of our property dates back to 1853 when a young man named Christian H. Behrends boarded a ship, the Friedrich Grosse, in Bremen, Germany, heading for the “promised land” right here in Texas. From October 1845 to April 1846 alone, 36 ships landed at Texas beaches, bringing more than 5,000 German settlers.

Today, Christian’s Great-Great-Great Grandson Jake has inherited the homestead. In 2017 Jake and his wife, Skye, began developing the land for vacation rentals. The Behrends Family Homestead is a special place that’s loaded with memories, and we hope that you’ll create some memories of your own here as well.