Tired of the tourism?

Want to take quiet walks, leave time for conversation, reading or cooking? The Gathering Guesthouses is a small compound of very private guest houses suited for couples and small families. Every unit has an indoor and outdoor space all to itself, and carries a unique character, a renewal of its former use and distinction.


The Farmhouse

This historic craftsman style home was built by descendants of early German settlers in 1933 but was renewed in 2017 into a modern farmhouse. Let’s start with the inside. Plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms for one or multiple families. We paid special attention to the kitchen and seating areas to make them both restful and interactive. Fredericksburg is a fantastic place to eat out, but for people who love to cook, the kitchen is a wonderful place create. Since most days are gorgeous in the Texas Hill Country, we had to include a pool and waterfall. We’ve carried the inside out, with a full outdoor grilling kitchen and space to sit and just…be. The pasture behind the pool isn’t a bad sight either.

Large home for a family or group of friends. Complete kitchen and dining space for gathering & a pool.


The Barn

We removed the farm equipment and animals to build out a private home with tall ceilings and a rocking-chair porch. We sized this space for couples, and left room and seating to have friends stop by for a visit or a beer. Grab dinner from farmer’s market then start a fire in the pit out back to watch the stars come out. Enjoy breakfast, or a movie a hot tub or all three outside under the patio roof. There’s nothing so quiet or peaceful as a barn-turned home.

Quiet for couples or friends. Take out or go out, but don’t forget the hot tub!

The Cottage


We put a little of the outside on the inside of this building. Reclaiming some of the original materials, we intentionally appointed this small space with a few signature design elements; tin ceilings and a reclaimed brick fireplace for starters. We wanted “cozy” so comfy seating rolls through this small unit and into the privately fenced back patio. There’s enough space for some morning yoga and a hot tub (yes, all our units here have private hot tubs). We understand when couples need some time away, alone and without any distractions. We purposefully didn’t leave room for the kids in this one.

Enough room for yoga and reading. The “tiny-home” we all wish we had.


The Pumphouse

The inconspicuous entry is just the beginning. As you walk further into the space, it expands and grows as natural light enters softly into each space more progressively. Step out into the backyard and there’s a perfectly private awning and hot tub surrounded by high, natural wood fences a hammock and minimalist landscape to not distract from the shady trees. We don’t play favorites, but the Pumphouse on Post Oak street feels like walking into some old story. Grab a slice of cheese and a platter of meat from La Bergarie and just don’t plan on leaving the house until checkout.

Storybook feeling and the full-spectrum of inside cozy and outside breezy. Sized for a single guest or a couple.


The Hideaway

A winter home in Colorado and a summer home in Texas are two very different spaces, but what if you could draw elements from each one together? We wanted people to be able to hide away in any season. The fireplace near the kitchenette transforms the environment during the colder months, but step outside and it’s still visible, meaning you can still enjoy it in the summer months. This small but open living space is perfect for a couple to just grab some time together at any point during the year.

Embrace the any season with the indoor/outdoor fireplace, sit on the porch to watch the sun set, small but open


Bring Everyone.

For family reunions, a siblings gathering, family vacation or that group of friends that has known each-other for 40 years, we’d love to host you. Please contact us if you are interested in booking an entire property.



Space to just…be

When Fredericksburg was settled in the 1840s, this was was a 20 acre “edge of town” lot owned by a group of brothers. They built visually similar homes next to each other and farmed a small plot within a short ride of town. In 1933, their descendants constructed a small craftsman style homestead that has become the canvas for The Gathering. Fast-forward and today, their history is renewed and shared as they live yet another lifetime of hospitality, welcoming guests from all over Texas and the U.S.

A Returning To the Slower Pace

This group of guest homes echoes that older pace. Still nestled on the edge of town, there is an open field out back that any guest can access. The skyline is wide open and the sunset is brilliant on most nights. Fronting on an excessively wide and slow street, it’s the perfect place to take quiet evening walks or morning runs. In juxtaposition, each unit is intentionally designed to encourage you to just sit for a while. This hill country tradition is one of our favorites. Gather your soul. Walk. Sit. Think. Be.