For Locals


Derived from the original concept of the Fredericksburg guesthouse, this is a venture of hospitality for people who treat Fredericksburg like their home, but do not or cannot prioritize owning a second home here. But they want to come back, and we want to welcome them. They have been supporting us, in some cases, for 40 years or more, and we offer them our hospitality. Through this venture, we staff and support local families, keep builders busy and preserve and renew old homes.

Family in Town?

Our guesthouses are really guesthomes. They are set up to be self sufficient and provide all the necessities for a comfortable and extended stay. If you have in-laws, cousins or friends coming to town and not enough room to host them, we’re honored to serve the community by being an extension of your own hospitality.

Keeping the Character

We have a strong desire to set a new standard for short-term rentals in Fredericksburg, Texas and the greater Texas Hill Country. Rather than stripping old buildings of their character and original vision, we try our best to build modern utility into the classic boundaries set by the people who built them a hundred years ago or more. Spaces are small and force people to enjoy their time together, exteriors maintain their simplicity with a fresh coat of paint and a clean landscape. We preserve as much as we can, and the great things we can’t keep usually end up as art on the walls or centerpieces as odes to the history and the love we have for these homes.

Local Hires

We use local hires, or if we do hire someone from out of town, we try to help them move here. Our contractor is local and his subs are local. All in all, we want to invest in the community we love and value. We know that there’s a temptation to try to find cheap labor elsewhere, and the pressure on local workforce housing is a serious issue, but we believe so firmly in caring for the heart of this community, that we’re willing to “stick to our guns” on this one.